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Why T-Shirts Matter – Especially for Christians

Why T-Shirts Matter – Especially for Christians Did you know that a single t-shirt can be seen 3,400+ times in its lifetime?  And since Christians long to share the most important message of all – the good news of Jesus – we’re wise to allow what we wear to help us along the way.  … Read More »

More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began

More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began When you own a Christian apparel company, people love to ask about your story and how it all began. At Decision Designs, we tell them that God wrote our story — and continues to write it today. (We all know that God loves stories, right? He has a… Read More »

Where You’ll Find Us This Summer

Where to Find Decision Designs & Christian Apparel in June & July 2022. Decision Design may be “in your neck of the woods” this month or next for one of the many summer festivals we attend — and we would love to see you there! We like to hear the amazing stories of how the… Read More »


Giving Back with a Cheerful Heart

Giving back with cheer, love & support. Giving back with a cheerful heart. Decision Designs was created to help spread the word of God and encourage others to walk a path with Christ. Encourage others through actions – love, kindness, compassion, and encouragement. One of our dutiful actions will be giving at least 10% of… Read More »