Christian Flag Patch Non-Cuff Beanie


Christian Flag Non-Cuff Knit Beanie

Each of the colors used in the Christian flag has a symbolic meaning. Red stands for sacrifice and represents the teaching of the blood Jesus Christ shed on the cross to redeem the world. Blue stands for fidelity, or faithfulness and loyalty. White stands for purity and peace. These virtues represent values that Christians are called on to strive for and pursue.

Decision Designs – Beanies:
Our modern style, non-cuff beanie with acrylic yarn knit to provide the perfect fit and warmth.

  • COLOR: Navy
  • PATCH: Christian Flag
  • FABRIC: Acrylic yarn
  • SHAPE: Knit
  • SIZE: One size fits all

Decision Designs:
Decision Designs offers Christian t-shirts & apparel to help you share the Good New of Jesus. Designed and printed in the USA!

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