More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began

More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began

When you own a Christian apparel company, people love to ask about your story and how it all began. At Decision Designs, we tell them that God wrote our story — and continues to write it today. (We all know that God loves stories, right? He has a whole BOOK full of them!)

Michael tells it this way:

“It has been more than a few years ago now, my beautiful wife and I were dating…and then we weren’t. I was extremely sad and had lost hope that the best person I had ever known had given up on me. Then, a friend invited me to a local church for the Easter Service and God began his work in me. I was so inspired, that I invited Heather to attend and the very next weekend we walked into our first service, aptly titled ‘Relationships for Dummies.’ (God has an amazing sense of humor and timing, doesn’t he?) His word pierced our hearts immediately and we were married a few months later. We’ve learned together how God’s grace can move mountains and change our hearts. We’re thoroughly convinced that our marriage is ‘For God’s Glory’ first and that it’s God who is writing our story.”

Michael & Heather – enjoying some down time at home in Durham, NC.


Where it all started…

I was watching Shark Tank one evening and the creator of a t-shirt brand was in the tank pitching his idea. This got his wheels to turning and he started to question “Why aren’t there more Christian apparel brands out there?” People will buy items to represent their favorite sports team, favorite college, favorite musical group, but what about representing God? I “pitched” the idea to Heather while she was half asleep and she agreed that it was a great idea, and we should start our own business to do just that! And now, here we are…and what a story we have to share!

Michael & Heather – Creators and Owners of Decision Designs


Spreading the word of God…

We love to tell everyone how Decision Designs began. And our hope and goal is for Decision Designs to glorify God first and foremost. We want to spread God’s word anyway that we can – whether it be on a t-shirt, hat, hoodie, baby onesie (you can’t start them too young, right???) or a simple conversation. We wanted our brand to be different – and it is. We use high quality fabrics for our apparel, super soft inks, modern fits and styles. Plus, something that makes us different – our designs tell a story with inspirational messages, bible verses, and encouraging words. And just think of the impact that has when you wear it for everyone to see – it is the quickest way to show someone what you believe, express a part of your personality, and spread a faithful and positive message almost instantly. Think of the conversation you will start!

Start a conversation…

Want to see what we’re all about?  Be sure to shop our “New Arrivals” to see all that is new.  You can proclaim his truth and share scripture without saying a word when you wear faith-based apparel!

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