The Best Asked Questions…

Q: Who Designs Your Shirts?
A: We do! We have spent countless hours developing the messages you currently see, trying to finding the right messages and designs to best represent God. We have created encouraging and inspirational themes that people will want to wear and share with their friends and family.

Q: Is Free Shipping Available?
A: During special promotions, promo codes will be announced on our social media platforms and through our email campaigns. Any other time, a flat fee of $5.00 applies for standard ground orders within the United States.

Q: How Do Your Shirts Fit?
A: All of our tees are from Next Level Apparel and are a stylish, modern and comfy fit. Always 100% cotton for easy upkeep. View Size Chart for additional details.

More FAQ’s to come…

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please drop us a line at info@decisiondesigns.net and we will respond promptly.