Driving with God

Connecting to God and worshiping the Lord can be done in various ways. People find worship in church, community groups, prayer, service, and other forms. However, I wanted to highlight the power music has when it comes to connecting with- and worshiping God. Songs are played in the church, in service, in bible school, and at summer camp that centers us around worshiping the Lord and building our connection to Him. He has given us a life filled with gracious gifts, like music, not for survival but to help us live a life full of joy and hope.

Music can bring us new perspectives, creativity, love, and worship. It can create energy, allow us to actively express ourselves, find new meanings, create beliefs, build connections with others, and bring people together.

So, what could be better than bringing this gift of music into our daily lives?

Whether at home, running errands, or hitting the road for your summer vacation, we want to encourage you to lean into music about the Lord to see what new meanings or value it can create in your life. We have put together a summer hits playlist to share with you all. Whether you are listening alone or with your family, there can be new meanings for everyone!

Hopefully, this playlist can:

  • Serve as a reminder of your faith
  • Support your beliefs in God
  • Emphasize love and care
  • Empower oneself
  • Create motivation
  • (And most importantly) Bring you joy!

If you have any songs you would like added to the playlist, be sure to leave a comment below!

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