Celebrate Mom with Christian Tees and Hats

Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Look no further than our  Decision Designs website, where you’ll find a wide selection of high-quality Christian tees and hats. Our products are designed to inspire and encourage others to walk with Christ and to spread the word of God. Whether the moms… Read More »

‘Tis the Season: Gifts that Celebrate Life in Christ

Give Gifts that Celebrate Life in Christ! God’s word is worth repeating! As you give to family and friends this season, add God’s word to make your gifts even more meaningful. We have some new products that are getting rave reviews and that are sure to please those on your list — men, women and… Read More »


Back to School Wearing God’s Word

Back to School: Wearing God’s Word School’s in session (or will be soon)! Whether God has made the kids in your life artsy, sporty, or just plain ‘ol bundles of energy, cotton t-shirts are a wardrobe staple that can be worn alone in hot weather and layered over thermal shirts when the temperatures dip. Kids… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Faith Becomes Grace

Behind the Scenes: Faith Becomes Grace No action is “good enough” to provide your own salvation. We hope people understand that point when they visit our website or our booths at the many festivals we attend. We have good company on that point — it was Paul’s emphasis when he penned this verse: “For it is… Read More »

Our Story Part 2

More of Our Decision Designs Story: Part 2

Heather’s side of “Our Story” In an earlier installment, my husband, Michael shared how God has been writing the Decision Designs story. We thought you’d like to hear from the other half of this small, family-owned Christian business too! My side continues with a bit more of the story: “Michael was watching Shark Tank one… Read More »

Why T-Shirts Matter – Especially for Christians

Why T-Shirts Matter – Especially for Christians Did you know that a single t-shirt can be seen 3,400+ times in its lifetime?  And since Christians long to share the most important message of all – the good news of Jesus – we’re wise to allow what we wear to help us along the way. Sometimes,… Read More »

More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began

More Than T-Shirts: How Decision Designs Began When you own a Christian apparel company, people love to ask about your story and how it all began. At Decision Designs, we tell them that God wrote our story — and continues to write it today. (We all know that God loves stories, right? He has a… Read More »

Where You’ll Find Us: Summer 2022

Where to Find Decision Designs & Christian Apparel: June & July 2022 Decision Design may be “in your neck of the woods” this month or next for one of the many summer festivals we attend — and we would love to see you there! We like to hear the amazing stories of how the Lord… Read More »

Giving Back with a Cheerful Heart

Giving back with cheer, love & support. Giving back with a cheerful heart. Decision Designs was created to help spread the word of God and encourage others to walk a path with Christ. Encourage others through actions – love, kindness, compassion, and encouragement. One of our dutiful actions will be giving at least 10% of… Read More »


What’s Decision Designs all About?

Vertical & Horizontal Relationships. We seek to spread the encouragement and peace of God’s word in communities everywhere. Our products are about the vertical relationship with God and how that affects our relationships horizontally with others. Our decisions are part of all of our journeys with God and our apparel highlights that in a very… Read More »