Back to School Wearing God’s Word

Back to School: Wearing God’s Word

School’s in session (or will be soon)! Whether God has made the kids in your life artsy, sporty, or just plain ‘ol bundles of energy, cotton t-shirts are a wardrobe staple that can be worn alone in hot weather and layered over thermal shirts when the temperatures dip. Kids love them because they’re easy to wear and parents love them because they’re easy to wash. Best of all, our Christian tees are straight from God’s word! You can go back to school shopping for your kids online this year at Decision Designs and purchase outfits that make a difference in so many ways. 

Christian t-shirts for kids are fun, while sharing their faith

Here are two fan favorites:


“Made in God’s Image” is an affirming message for little girls. With the words of Genesis 1:27 on the front and the word “LOVED” on the back, wearing this shirt is like a hug from God. Girls love the illustration of Noah’s ark covered with the Lord’s promise in the form of a rainbow. Available in Lilac or Lavender, this one is always well received! Click here to see this design on our website.

Christian t-shirts for kids are inspirational, while sharing messages of hope

This youth-sized t-shirt is a reminder that your little one is a work in progress! All over the scriptures, God tells us that he’s at work in us — and wouldn’t it be great to have your child remember that through the bumps and bruises of everyday life? Available in light blue, royal blue, or hot pink, both boys and girls love this colorfully fun t-shirt! Click here to see this design on our website.

And let’s not forget the wee littles! 

And be sure to check out our cute Onesies, because the big kids shouldn’t have ALL the fun! (And these make great gifts!)  Click here to see these designs on our website.

Christian t-shirts make an impact

Even without talking about the messages on the shirts, our t-shirts speak for themselves, as other students can read the words of faith throughout the day. They say, “actions can speak louder than words,” and in this case, it is definitely true.

Decision Designs is a Christian clothing company designed to encourage others to make the daily decision to walk a path with Christ.  At least 10% of the proceeds from our Christian clothing goes back to local and national ministries — and your purchase decision helps us to spread God’s love!

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